Case Study GMT Saves Top Cosmetic Company $3.5 Million

When a large cosmetic and beauty manufacturer partnered with GMT during a parcel carrier RFP evaluation, the partnership yielded $3.5M in savings.

Dive into some of the finer details of GMT's unparalleled RFP support with this unique look into a manufacturer's recent RFP evaluation.

We'll review:

  • Some of the unique factors of this manufacturer's large and complex parcel network
  • Challenges faced by the manufacturer throughout the RFP evaluation Solutions offered and explored by GMT during the RFP evaluation
  • And finally the $3.5M+ in 12-month savings directly tied to RFP contract adjustments

We also offer additional observations and best-practices related to overall RFP evaluation process, as well as the unique benefits of partnering with GMT for RFP Support!

Download the case study now.