Parcel 101 Video Series: Brand Strategy from a Parcel Perspective

GMT's Strategic Solutions Engineer, Matt Weickert, discusses brand strategy from a parcel perspective.

Full transcript: "Brand strategy from a parcel perspective is essentially how do you want your customer's experience to be from an e-commerce perspective and so logistics has a huge magnifying glass and spotlight on it when it comes to an e-commerce transaction because this is the part where the actual product gets to you and this is what you're paying way more attention to. If you go into a store, for example, you're worried about things like lighting, ease of finding the aisle. All of these have a version on the online space. But from a logistics perspective, getting that product to the door at a reasonable price and as I-- as I mentioned, a faster and faster expectation is the biggest thing for brands. In our survey that we did, we noticed that most brands, over two-thirds of them have a top priority focus on customer experience, whether that's a premium quality product or a premium experience in service that is offered to customers. On a day-to-day basis, we speak with our clients quite often about how they can get-- achieve a faster model to their customers. So, whether that's a two-day model, three-day, next-day, we're constantly looking at these different scenarios of ways they can mitigate that cost impact of rising to the expectations of customers as they come-- we also help them strategize their networking. So, if they're, for example, considering opening a new distribution center, we at Green Mountain Technology will help them decide what the best candidate location is. Additionally, we can help them find ways to achieve a faster transit using the current services that they already have right now by being a little bit more strategic about which services are used where. For example, ground transportation is perfectly good to achieve a two or three-day transit if you're being strategic about where that distribution center is and which zip codes receive that service."