Parcel 101 Video Series: OmniChannel Strategy

What are the most effective omnichannel strategies shippers are leveraging today? Green Mountain Technology's Director of Strategic Solutions, Katie Parker, shares why omnichannel is important for today's shipper and how the best shippers are leveraging it.
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Full transcript: "Omnichannel is something, I would say, that since parcel and actually everybody’s evolving in the last couple of years, it’s been very important to all the shippers. Omnichannel is just a strategy that our customers use to be able to fill their end customers’ needs. So, if an end customer places an order, that they can fulfill that order from any channel that they have in their network. So, it helps if someone online orders something, they can either fill it from a D.C. store, a vendor can fill it, but the good thing about Omnichannel is that information, it goes in between all the channels. So, that information is very important to let them know how to fulfill it, the best way to fulfill it and the most cost-effective and fastest, because in today’s world the end customer always wants something faster and cheaper. They don’t want to spend a lot of money on shipping. For shippers today, a big part of Omnichannel is not only the actual physical shipping locations, but the technology that incorporates all the information about the orders and the shipments and where the inventory is, what carriers they're going to use, what services, the transmit times, all that information that the end customer really cares about. The shippers care about, of course, the cost to them. So, Omnichannel allows them to use different channels for different cost modes, therefore saving money and being able to service that end customer with a cheaper and faster service. So, there's people using all the channels along with the technology. Those are the people that are executing Omnichannel the best today."